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about floating lamps

why this site exists:

I used to write a lot as a child and teenager. As I grew up and went to university, my writing, and most of my time, became focused on my studies. Once I began working, my writing then became focused on work-related topics. I began to realise that I had not written anything for pleasure in years and this did not sit well with me. Once I became aware that I had neglected my own voice for so long, I realised that I craved to hear it again. Hence, I began writing, slowly, about topics which interested me, expressing them in ways that I wanted to.

As someone who loves writing and communication in all its forms, I discovered that I need an outlet for my personal writing. I placed this site under the blog category but it is not a blog about something specific. Rather, I view it as a collection of my written work. Work which I create as I go along, when the urge or interest to write strikes me.  

why the name floating lamps?

There is something that resonates with me about the idea of a lamp maker creating their lamp and releasing it into the night sky amongst many other lamps, birthing their creativity and releasing it into the world. And perhaps, if the creator is fortunate, someone will look up and enjoy watching that lamp as it passes over head.


In much the same way, I believe that writing is a creative act, a physical product of our innermost thoughts. The metaphor of having a thought, writing about it, creating it, and releasing it into the universe amongst other thoughts is something I like very much. It's also the title of a song by the beautiful and talented Izzy Bizu, which she does an incredible rooftop session of (click here to check it out). 

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