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about me

One thing is for certain, writing about myself is not high on my “favourite things to do list” but I’ll give it a shot nonetheless…. Just the most important bits of course.

I grew up in South Africa to a culturally mixed family (South African/ Italian). I spent most of my childhood outdoors, riding horses and getting up to mischief. My teen and early adult years were a bit more tumultuous with dashes of depression, adventure, late nights/ early mornings, and still riding horses (some things need to stay consistent). I have always loved language and the power of the written word. In University, I studied towards a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and fell even more in love with communication in all its forms.

After my student daze/ days (both are accurate), I began working in the marketing industry for an Ad Tech start-up in Johannesburg. I was Marketing Executive for several years until moving to Thailand where I taught English for a bit before finding myself in the marketing world once again. This time as a freelancer. I love yoga and most things in the holistic/ spiritual/ naturalistic realms. 

about floating lamps

Floating Lamps is a space for me to publish my work. You see, I love to write and share my thoughts, and this is where I do it.

My writing encompasses my passions so the topics I cover are usually in the realm of societal commentary, authenticity, spirituality, and self-growth, with a few things in between.

I'm not one of those "write a blog a week" kind of people. I write when the inspiration strikes me and my aim is for this site to be a space for creativity and expression, not something that becomes another thing on my to-do list.


Have a look around. If you like what you read, follow me on social media.

By the way, I've also included some of my professional writing for my portfolio as I'm also a freelance writer. 

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